current status

    Did not expect this to become a solely Godzilla blog, but I also didn’t expect my dad to get cancer, so work on everything else that wasn’t already queued up has understandably ground to a halt…

    But you know what is a good balm for turbulent and unpredictable times? That’s right, watching more Godzilla movies. And reviewing them apparently. More Goji content incoming until I can find the headspace to thoughtfully and creatively engage with my complicated feelings on family and mortality.

    So… just expect a lot of Godzilla for a while, okay?

    just past the Coda 📷 7:20pm

    Just scheduled a bunch of Godzilla movie reviews to post here over the next few weeks. Now, the real challenge is trying to remember to make other posts in between those, lest this just turn into a Godzilla review blog… (Though there are worse fates than that…!)

    Taking Thursday and Friday off of work. Why do the vacation-shortened work weeks feel longer than the full-size ones?

    (Probably a bad sign that the work week already feels too long, and I haven’t actually started the first day of it yet…)

    Steadily reaching the point of transition between setting up a new digital space/tool/platform and actually using it as a practice. Fully disclosure: I often struggle to make this transition well…

    Migrating over to micro blog and realizing it has solved every major and minor annoyance I was experiencing on my old platform/stack…